Monday, 1 March 2010

PURELITE LED LIGHTBOXES - The future of illuminated displays

arken bring you the new PURELITE Led Lightbox range . Not only great value for money, these lightboxes also save on electrical consumption, maintenance and space.

The New Purelite LED Lightbox range from arken is both slim line, economical and allows for a far smaller carbon footprint than lightboxes using fluorescent tubes. It certainly ticks all the right boxes if you are looking for a high quality yet affordable illuminated display.

• Slim profile ( as slim as a regular snap frame)
• Uses 60% less energy than traditional tubes**
• On average £80 cheaper to run per unit per year than tube lightboxes*
• Very low maintenance
• LED's have at least a 5 year life
• 58% reduction in carbon generation than traditional tube lightboxes**

The Poster Case ( featured right) and Delux Poster Case, feature a hinged door which is perfect for high footfall areas where tampering can be an issue. Accessible only with a lever tool, this design allows the front section to open completely (like a door) allowing both hands for changing graphics before securely locking it shut. The Poster Case version comes in aluminium as standard, but can also be polished for a high shine look or powder coated in any colour. The Delux Poster Case is supplied in black and provides a strong presence with a high end feel.

* based on 12p / KWhr
** based on 60" x 40" size

The Snapframe version, ( featured left) is just 31mm deep, providing an ultra slimline lightbox with fantastic light dispersal and illumination.

Please call us for a quote or to place an order 01638 565656 or email