Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Following the exclusive at launch success of Gtech’s innovative new AirRAM™ cordless vacuum cleaner within John Lewis stores, the company has also rolled out a major in-store marketing programme within two more of the UK’s favourite retailers.

Heralded at its launch in April this year as ‘The Future of Vacuuming’, the Gtech AirRAM™ has firmly stamped its mark on the sector – becoming one of the UK’s most desirable vacuums. The new cordless upright vacuum cleaner uses a unique dirt collection system, completely different from conventional mains products.

The British company has now commissioned Newmarket-based in-store marketing specialists, arken P-O-P International to design and manufacture a new demo module FSU (freestanding display) and a stock holding FSU to promote its AirRAM™ cleaners within Debenhams and Curry’s stores.

Gtech’s Head of Marketing Jon Collings says: “AirRAM™ challenges the market leaders bringing a new era of technological change with true mains performance achieved for the first time ever from a cordless vacuum cleaner. As a brand, it is vital that our retail presence successfully communicates the product’s unique point of difference and engages shoppers within our key retail accounts at the point-of-purchase. These new displays will help us to create real ‘stopping power’ in-store.”

Featuring a similar footprint to the cleaner itself, the new display solutions allows for boxed product placement within the units and clearly promotes the USPs of the product – shoppers are encouraged to ‘pick me up’ and test the lightweight nature of the AirRAM™. The distinctive demonstration unit incorporates a black base, with prominent Gtech and AirRAM™ branding on all sides of the display. The back vinyl and edging to the display’s shelf uses the brands vibrant green colour to create instant brand recognition.

With many shoppers sceptical about the ability of a cordless cleaner to perform as well as a plug in cleaner, Gtech’s well-supported claim that it matches the performance of some leading mains powered vacuum’s  is a key selling point that is also communicated strongly through the unit’s visual graphics.

A separate display has also been created to provide flexible stock holding, which sits next to or behind the main product display. More than 140 of demonstration modules and 60 stockholding units have now been rolled out into high street retail, including Debenhams and prominent independent retailers.